Zoho like to see active Partners working with customers. You can give that recognition to FlexableIT by “Transferring To Us” to you (Zoho speak). To do this when you are logged into a Zoho service you need to click the transfer link:, which takes you to a window:

Zoho Transfer Token Screen

This screen shows you the services that you have active with Zoho (the free ones might be ones that you trialed previously or are trialing). Choose the option “Select All” by clicking the link. Then click the Green Generate button on the bottom right. This brings you to the next screen:

Zoho Transfer Token Details

Under Name / Company Name please enter FlexableIT, then put a tick in the box “Send token to Partner”, in Partner Email use whichever FlexableIT email address you are familiar with. Then click Submit and thank you. Note, only tick “Do you want to give your Mail Control Panel Access to your Partner” if you are using Zoho Mail and are likely to need FlexableIT assitance in configuring it.