Within Zoho CRM there is a way to generate code so that you can place an Unsubscribe box on your website. Below is an example of the default code and appearance from Zoho CRM. Your web developers may be able to modify the code to blend it into the style of your website.

When a person enters their Email address, if the address exists in the Lead or Contact Modules a tick is placed in the box “Email Opt Out”. If you have Zoho Campaigns synchronised with Zoho CRM, when these two next synchronise the Lead or Contact will be marked as Unsubscribed on Zoho Campaigns. If a person Unsubscribes from Zoho Campaigns, then Zoho CRM will be updated.

Note if someone is flagged as “Email Opt Out” in Zoho CRM you will not be able to use the Send Mail option within Zoho CRM and if a Email is to be sent to them from a workflow trigger the Email Opt Out will stop the Email being sent.

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